Thursday, November 16, 2006

things that made me feel good today

  • my phone did not ring at work today (well, it did once or twice, but not incessantly with multiple voicemails showing after every call)
  • my good friend Cathy read this morning's post and brought me a gift of chickpea curry and the secret to perfect bluejeans for us peasant-legged types
  • the book I had a hold on was ready for me at the library and I remembered to pick it up
  • organic spring greens with wine vinegar, olive oil and some nice feta
  • my warm winter coat
  • my son's even warmer coat for the dog walk this morning (mom's perogative to hijack son's coat whenever she pleases)
  • on the subject of coats, we found the coat for Fi's Christmas recital at the very first V.V. Boutique that we visited, then we had fun finding lots of really awful coats and threatening to wear them in public.
  • some pretty bad shoes too, and a device called "Sit and Spin" (I do not exaggerate)
  • a Great Dane leaned on me and smiled
  • Ugly Betty is on TV tonight
  • somebody told me I look beautiful
  • remembering The Sound of Music hilarious crew show 30 years ago when Fiona asked about when I was in musical theatre
  • the dog stole a box of chocolate almonds from my briefcase in the middle of the night and ate them all and she didn't barf or poo all over the house while we were at work and school today (phew and thank goodness for poor quality chocolate that is harmless to dogs)
  • kudos from 2 bosses on the email first thing this morning for our team project at work (a presentation at the Parks Commission meeting last night)
  • no more nights out this week
  • Andy cooked supper so I could sit and post blog when I got home and wait for supper to be ready
That's pretty good for just one day. Now supper's ready.

question: what made you feel good today?

mompoet - well, now a bath with candles would be just a perfect ending, wouldn't it?


Fi said...

Hi Mom,
That "Sit and Spin" was pretty cool, you have to admit. I'm still kinda sad that you didn't let me buy it.
My favourite thing was the 80s-style-sythetic-shoulderpad-metallic coat. Who needs the mall when you've got Value Village???
Love you lots,

mompoet said...

I love you Fi. You made me feel good today, in lots of ways.
mp (aka mom)