Thursday, November 23, 2006

coming soon to a Value Village thrift store near you

Taking its inspiration from the demise of the glass canopy over the Plaza of Nations, the "Expo Jean Jacket" featured earlier this year in "keep it? or chuck it?" is gone. I put it out yesterday for Canadian Diabetes used clothing pickup. I told Fi it was her early Christmas present (my getting rid of the jacket, that is). I kept that thing around for 20 years in all its flashy-80s-big-shouldered-zipperiness. It didn't hurt a bit, seeing it go out the door and onto the big truck.

In other news, I decided to keep the swan salt cellars. They were a wedding present after all. The exercise bike is going over to my mom and dad's place. The giraffe is still lurking - probably a Christmas vacation project. Maybe we'll mail him to the Serengetti where he can be re-introduced to the wild.

question: what will I do now when I want to embarass my children?

mompoet - hokey enough to embarrass with gusto, even without the bad coat

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