Tuesday, November 21, 2006

a parcel for eritrea

I have a package for the mail today. Barb has requested Canada pins. She and Kim hand them out to their students. Our MLA, Dawn Black, gave me a big bag of pins and a Canadian flag. I am also sneaking them a dvd. They recently acquired a dvd player. If you put a dvd in the parcel out in the open it might be confiscated by the censors, so I have concealed it inside the cover of a notebook. If it gets through successfully using this ploy, I will send more.

What video? Canadian Bacon, starring John Candy. Might as well stick with the theme, eh?

question: have you mailed any Christmas parcels?

mompoet - going to buy a big chocolate bar before I seal the thing up. Must always include chocolate in all parcels to Africa.

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