Thursday, August 19, 2004

What it will be

I was walking the dog (will post a photo once I figure out how) and I figured out that my online journal should include the things that are in the title: MOMPOET Word from the 'Burbs. So my posts will be about or include:
  • Mom stuff
  • Poetry
  • Life in the Suburbs (specifically Port Moody British Columbia)
Especially anything that combines one or more of these elements, like being a mom and writing poetry or the cultural scene in a suburban community.

Okay, so I have that part figured out - what it will be about. I think the voice part will come around on its own. In the meantime my next thing is to figure out how to post photos. I want images for sure - photos and some of my collages. This will be fun.

Question for Today: Do you juggle work/family and a creative life? Share an anecdote, tell if it's easy or difficult. What works for you?

Talk to you soon,

mompoet - spiralling toward the happy singing pillow upstairs, but first have to help 14 year old son with orthodontic dental care

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