Friday, August 20, 2004


I tried posting a photo by cutting and pasting but it didn't work. I can see it on my computer when I read the blog, but my friends can't, so I'll have to keep trying.

So I'm working through the goal of learning how to use blog technology. I will now try to post a link, then I'll consider myself technologically able and get on with actual content. Here goes:

I'm reading Kenneth Koch's Making Our Own Days: The Pleasures of Reading and Writing Poetry.

It's easy to read and full of good insights into the language of poetry. The first half of the book describes poetry as a language of its own, distinct from conversation or prose. The second half is a collection of poems with short helpful comments. Instead of dissecting poems, this book shines a light on how they are written, and how they work intellectually, aesthetically and emotionally. I recommend it.

I don't necessarily recommend buying it on Amazon or at Chapters or Indigo. I use their websites to find books, read reviews, get ISBN numbers etc., then I take the information to my local independently owned bookstore and ask the owner to get me the book.

It's getting harder to find an independent bookstore these days but it's worth it. In Port Moody we had a new/used bookseller who had to close. Now we have a used and antique book store

Jolly Olde Bookstore

The only way stores like this can keep going is for thoughtful people to buy books from them and resist the lure of the Raptor.

That's enough lecture/rant. Here's my question for today:

Do you have an independent bookstore where you live? Have you struggled to stay away from the big book supermarket? Where do you buy your books?

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птица (Ptiza) Odelay said...

Draw, Pilgrim!

Nick said...

This is Steve writing from Brookings, South Dakota. After reading your blogger, I find that I totally agree with your thoughts on buying books from the little independent bookstore in your own community rather than from the giants like Amazon, etc. I had been using Amazon purely for the ease and convenience of having the book delivered straight to my door. But that doesn't put bread on the table of my neighbor the bookseller, now does it? You have motivated me to do things differently from here on out. Thanx for the tip, Mompoet!
(Please keep adding to your blogger, eh.)

mompoet said...

Thanks Steven, for your encouragement and for thinking about buying local and small. It doesn't cost much more in time and money, but it will cost us all bigtime if we neglect our local businesses. I fear that one day Microsoft, Starbucks and Chapters will own the world.