Thursday, August 25, 2011

the simple explanation

Someone in China sells lots of different things on ebay. At some point, someone in my house has ordered something from this seller (like maybe an ipod cover). My name is in the computer database that this person uses to print mailing labels. A week or so ago, someone else ordered underpants. Seller mistakenly clicked on my address to print the mailing label. I have received the underpants in error.

Follow up story. Underpants-orderer is waiting for underpants. When they do not arrive, he/she will contact the seller to inquire about the underpants. Underpants seller will reply that he/she has mailed the underpants in mid-August. Buyer will query again after another week. The underpants still have not arrived. Seller will re-send the underpants, suspicious that buyer is scamming. Buyer will think that seller is pseudo-shady and never order underpants from him/her again.

Alternate follow-up. Seller will realise his/her error and send the replacement underpants immediately. This will be good if he/she gets the address right this time. He/she may contact me to say, "Did you receive the erroneous underpants?" Now that would be interesting. I wonder what I would do.

The underpants remain in my home, original wrapper unopened. I don't have any urge to return post them, partly because it would be expensive, partly because the address is in Chinese characters. A friend pointed out that the postage is probably worth more than the underpants.

question: is the simplest explanation the correct explanation?

mompoet - not always

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