Thursday, August 04, 2011


I love every vegetable I have ever tried (so far). At our tiny, overflowing produce store there are still several that are new to me. Kohlrabi is one of them. It's pale green colour and weird shape have never suggested delicousness to me, and I've not seen a lot of recipes for this particular plant. Last week I decided to try it.

An internet search revealed that it's a cruciferous vegetable (related to broccoli, cabbage, brussells sprouts) that tastes "like the stem of broccoli." I bought one, and tried it raw in a salad and cooked with eggs and in a pasta dish. It does taste like broccoli stems, which I happen to LOVE! So now I have a new vegetable, which looks weird, has a funny name, and is delicious.

question - Most descriptions online say that kohlrabi looks "like Sputnik." I wonder how they described it before 1957?


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