Friday, August 26, 2011

another possible explanation

In case you missed the original account of my Chinese ebay underpants, please read my post from a couple of days ago. I received a package from China containing a pair of Calvin Klein men's boxer briefs. I didn't order them from anywhere, and I don't know anyone in China, so their origin is a mystery. It's most likely that someone made a shipping label mistake, BUT there are other possibilities.

Possibility #2 - Scam or Robbery

The underpants are a trap or a setup. I will soon receive a letter apologizing for the mistaken delivery and requesting that I return the underpants by mail to the sender. I will also be asked to write a cheque for $10 thousand dollars to assist the sender with liquidating assets from the recent merger of the Chinese Calvin Klein underpants factory with a can opener factory (just wait for the products that come from that place). I will be promised a windfall of $14.7 thousand dollars for my trouble.


I will receive a letter apologizing for the mistaken delivery, and advised to keep the underpants. The letter will contain 4 tickets to the baseball game as a gift in recognition of the confusion that this mistaken delivery has caused. While my family is out at the baseball game, my house will be robbed. The robbers will leave the Calvin Klein underpants but take everything else.

question: do you think these are nefarious Chinese ebay underpants?

mompoet - benign to sinister in 30 seconds

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