Tuesday, August 10, 2010


he wakes early
before leaving for work
photographs the dawn and sunrise
leaves her a slideshow with her coffee and email
phones to say
look - it was even better than that
no camera can capture the colours
I wish you'd...

she pours her coffee
thinks how the first cup tastes best
thinks of her first cup ever
thinks of the smell of her mother's coffee brewing
when she was a little girl
remembers wondering...

her mother calls, then
tells how the raccoon family came again
tells how, hearing their clatter, she
went out to the yard in her nightie
watched them wash their food in the fountain that dad built
we stayed like that for an hour
it was like the old days with him here
you and your brother...

your heart's desire is so close you
can almost...

mostly, you just have to wake up and go out and find it
life all around you, your toes cool in the damp lawn

question: what do you hold close?

mompoet - reflecting as summer closes

1 comment:

Pearl said...


love the tenderness of the first two scenes and the resolve to find the goodness in the grass right under your feet.