Friday, August 06, 2010

blue-bundance part 1

On Sunday, Andy and I drove out to Granny Frannie's Blueberry Farm in Port Coquitlam. It is actually owned by a granny, named Fran, and her husband. It is the sweetest place you have ever seen, and the berries are wonderful. In 3 hours we picked 51 pounds of berries. Then the fun began.

We brought the berries home in buckets. They looked so good that we kept scooping them off the top and nibbling them. They are hard to resist. My plan was to NOT resist them, but to share them with my family, and enjoy as much as we wanted over the next few days, but also to freeze a substantial quantity for the cold months. This sounded like a good plan, until I opened the fridge door to check out "how much room for blueberries?"

I quickly did some fridge-combing, and threw out a few expired items. I think the oldest thing that I found was some historical garbanzo beans from the beginning of time (those were NOT nice at all). I also found cranberry jelly, which caused some alarm until I remembered that I served a turkey at spring break - but still, that is old. I combined a couple of jars of simultaneous salsa, and ate a couple of pickles. There!

Did I mention that we bought a watermelon on the way home from the farm. Du-oh! You see, there is no sweeter combination in the world than chunks of watermelon mixed with fresh blueberries. Try a bowl full. The colours, shapes, textures and flavours are really yummy. So Andy and the kids and I sat down and ate watermelon and blueberries, and I packed some for our lunches the next day because the little lunch boxes stack more nicely in the fridge that big chunks of split watermelon do. See part two...

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Muhd Imran said...

That is really, a lot of berries!

In Singapore, these are imported and are expensive. A hand full will cost about over a US dollar!

Incidentally, we just bought them a week ago. Within a seating, we munched two packs away without realizing.