Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the crow and the goat and the dandelion

At quarter to four in the afternoon

A pygmy goat was watching the moon

A crow up high was lazily flying

And keeping his eye on a dandelion.

The pygmy goat looked up at the bird

A crow in an airplane, ain't that absurd

And a dandelion and it ain't nearly June

At a quarter to four in the afternoon.

The crow swooped low and buzzed the goat

You call that heap of a hulk a boat?

And where did you get that ridiculous flower

At a quarter to four - an ungodly hour!

The moon gave a cackle and spit on the crow

Who pooped on the pygmy goat down below

Dandelion did a cartwheel and played the bassoon

At a quarter to four in the afternoon.

The dandelion's song was a spirited fling

'Bout a talented crow who could do anything

And a pygmy who loved him each day even more

When it reached afternoon time - a quarter to four.

So the goat docked his boat and prepared a feast

Which he served to the crow, who to say the least

Was impressed with the song of the singing weed

And the quarter to four delicious feed.

When the moon set down at three-forty-five

The dandelion said I'm glad we're alive

My friend the goat who cooks so well

And the crow whose stockings never smell.

And after their meal at nearly four

They jumped in the crow's plane and slammed the door

And the goat sang a song in the moonless night

Of a goat and a crow and a flower in flight.

They all flew away 'til fifteen to four

And the goat was not heard of not any more

The crow was remembered without any cryin'

And so was the song of the dandelion.

question: what do you do at quarter to four in the afternoon?

mompoet - looking up, looking down, occasionally singing

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