Friday, August 06, 2010

life full of life

This past week has just been full to the gills with activity - all good, but busy. I haven't had time to read, vacuum or blog. I will admit I've spent a bit of time web browsing - just not much posting except for "liking" some things that my friends have posted on facebook.

Now I have half an hour before I must dress and get ready to walk to work. I could blog about blueberries, but I have a pot full of porridge just ready on the stove, and a half of a mango totally ready to eat, and there are also (lots of) blueberries. So instead, I will read the paper and eat breakfast. I will blog about blueberries and other things later.

For now, this is a picture of August so far. I think you get the idea.

question: how is your summer going?

mompoet - WHEEEE!

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