Sunday, August 15, 2010

the great tomato soup taste-off - part 2

The tasting took place outside our house, in my parking spot, and neighbour Chris's. We sat in patio chairs and enjoyed our soup samples in the fresh air. I served each taster his or her own selection of 5 soups in dixie cups. You'll see from the photos, we began early in the evening, and continued as tasters arrived through the evening. Nolan and Temem requested to join us, and became our teen tasters.

As you can see, the tasters took their work seriously. Most knew right away which soups they liked best, and which they did not. They recorded their responses, and I collected their tally sheets. Then they returned to their cocktails and the snack table of "things that go with tomato soup."

We began about 6:30, and continued until about 9pm, when the last of the tasters completed their slurping and rating. By this time it was dark. Plenty of beer, wine and snacks had been consumed. I took all of the tally sheets into the carport, where there's a light to see by, and put the scores and comments together.

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