Sunday, November 29, 2009

my plan (a poem)

if I thought I could plan this day, I would
sometimes segments
sometimes segments
easily defined as taut time packages
run run stop
run run stop
ballpoint never out of ink
each line fully punctuated

more often:
run-ons of undetermined duration
pitch - halt - restart - overlap
incomplete transmission
incomplete transmission
bleat blat

television teaches us
30 minutes for every story
one hour for significant communication
dark screen feeds us neat-wrapped trays of
weekly what's next

when really, a minute
a day or week not nearly long enough
for what I need to say to you
years evaporate - just puddles on pavement
every list, every thought, every hope
someone else's elephant
a leaf on the wind

question: how do you plan?

mompoet - happy birthday to me

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