Sunday, November 15, 2009

how to make a movie

I finally saw Where the Wild Things are last Sunday. It was wild and sweet.

I also heard Catherine O'hara interviewed on CBC Radio's Q. She told about Spike Jonze's direction, and her experience playing one of the monsters, named Judith. Here's an article about it.

I think that the movie speaks honestly and directly to adults about our own child selves. Lots of people say that there are parts of the movie that go over children's heads. I would agree with that, but I'd also say there are parts that speak a child language that I, as an adult, have forgotten. Parts of the movie went over my head because I am no longer a child. This is not to say that these parts were simple or babyish. They were conveyed a way that has nothing to do with catering to smaller, less sophisticated people. I wished I could have got them, but instead, I felt that child sense of, "huh?" only from an adult point of view.

Almost everyone has seen it, I know. If you have not yet, please go. Take your child self, and some people who are currently children, then talk about it after.

question: have you seen the wild things?

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Lazy Daisy said...

I'm sure you saw my "Wild Things" as Max. Too bad my little ones live so far from us....looks like I'll have to rent a kid! Thanks for the birthday wishes.