Monday, November 30, 2009

birthday part 3

Believe it or not: another day of birthday delights. Sunday being the actual day, I slept in (again). When I awoke I read poetry, wrote a bit, ate fruit and yogurt. Everyone else got up and we went to the movie. We saw Pirate Radio, a massively fun romp with a great soundtrack. Mom and Maya came along with us.

Back at home, everyone helped to get supper ready. Dad joined us. We ate pasta and prawns and Italian sausages and a big salad with pomegranate and pecans in it, and some sweet chili in the dressing. Mom made her special mocha angel food cake (the best of both worlds).

Barb phoned from Cranbrook to wish me a happy day. Kirsi and her family sang to me over the phone. Robin called. Louise emailed. Facebook was swamped with birthday wall posts for me. There were gifts and cards and love all around.

Now I am full of birthday weekend, and happy to return to my happy everyday. I am going to try to read and write more poems for the next 30 days (at least). My birthday new year resolution.

question: did you have a lovely weekend too?

mompoet - full up with the goodness of friends and family, and fully understanding how fortunate I am

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

You truly are my most inspirational and positive friend I know. I'll bet you are a delight to work with!