Sunday, November 29, 2009

birthday part two

Oh joyous delight! A birthday weekend full of time treasures.

Saturday I slept in(ish) and read a book over breakfast. At 10 I went to the spa and had my brows shaped. I drove Fiona to rehearsal, then came home, ate spicy carrot soup for lunch and organized the crawl space.

Okay, organizing the crawl space doesn't really count as a birthday treat, except that I got all of the new wine that I bottled last week organized for easy access, and recycled about 20 cardboard boxes that we had been keeping just in case the contents needed to be returned. While I was in there, I got out all of the Christmas decorations, and decided that I either need to do some canning, or give away all of these jars and tell my friends to stop giving me all of their old jars now that they have stopped canning. hmmm

I finished reading Remembering the Bones. Awesome ending. I am now a confirmed Frances Itani fan. I cleaned my bedroom and put all of my baubles in the new jewelery box that Kathy gave me for my birthday. At 5, I went over to the Hyskas and fed Sasha supper and tried to let her out to pee. She did not want to go out, but she let me pet her belly.

Andy took me out for pasta supper, then we went to Cafe Deux Soleils to see Sweater Vest's remount of the bubble gum ballet that shut down the Swiss Parliament in 1975. It was both historical and hysterical, an evening of weirdness that was, in turn strange, boring, alarming, disgusting, rousing and hilarious.

We came home and crawled into flannel sheets. This morning I woke up hoping for snow. None yet, so I wrote a poem.

It was a simple day, but delicious.

question: how did you spend your Saturday?

mompoet - loving this birthday

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