Thursday, February 14, 2008

thursday already


It's early Thursday morning, and the end of the week is in sight. It's Valentine's Day, and I'm expecting a quiet-ish evening after work. Andy has been home sick for the past couple of days and just only returned to work this morning, so he'll be tired tonight. The kids will be home and me too. I'll make a nice supper and maybe we'll watch a movie on DVD. We'll see.

At work, I have my first Seniors' Society Board meeting where I am the key staff person in attendance. I'm confident it will go well, but I'll be relieved once I get through it. The afternoon is a techno-mystery to me. I'll spend it in a "budget workshop." That means I will be in a room with computers with my co-workers and an Info Services specialist, inputting my 2008 budget to our new automated system. The deadline for completing my work is Monday, so I'm trusting that the info I have prepared already is good, and the process won't be too picky and time-consuming. All of the permanent staff positions are pre-set in the system, but more than half of my staffing is casual, so there will be work to be done, in a language with which I am not yet well-versed. At least I know I'll be in the same boat with everyone else, learning as we go.

Tomorrow the kids will be home from school for a pro-d day (teacher development). I usually take these off work, but it's the Chinese New Year Luncheon and I need to be there to help run the event. That will be a busy but fun day at work, and I think the kids are okay. I'll leave them my car.

This weekend is the Spagnol's sale. Spagnols sells wine-making equipment and supplies. Andy and I will avoid the big Spagnol's store, which will be a madhouse, and visit instead our local wine supply shop, Gerry's Vintner's. Roger there run's a parallel sale - much closer to home, just as cheap and not so crowded. Then I'll have lots of wine kits from which to make wine at home.

The weekend is unstructured, except for the church AGM Sunday afternoon. Our homeless shelter opens Friday night, but I won't be on duty as a volunteer until next Wednesday and Thursday early mornings. Alex will work Saturday night, so he'll be the first in for our family.

Sitting in my chair in the early morning, it looks like a good last stretch to the weekend. The sun will shine today, and all will be well in the world.

question: What does Thursday look like to you?

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Lazy Daisy said...

Happy Valentine's Day...sounds like the rest of your week is pretty well booked. I'm having surgery on Saturday so say a prayer for me.