Thursday, February 07, 2008

come on in, y'all

Last night I had some sewing to do. I planned to come home from work right on time, cook and serve a quick supper, then huddle with my fabrics and sewing machine for 4 or 5 hours. I have a costume deadline for the weekend, and it's a busy week.

About 3pm, I was still at work, and I noticed it had begun to snow. By the time I left at 4:30, the snow had piled up at least an inch or so on the ground. It took me 45 minutes to make my usually 10 minute car trip home.

At home, the kitchen was stacked with cupcakes and cupcake-making paraphenalia. Fiona and her friend Kira were in the process of cooking up nine boxes of cake mix. In all they made over 200 cupcakes for a school bake sale. In the meantime, Kira's mom phoned from work. Both she and her husband work at the university, which is at the top of a small mountain. The snowstorm had closed driving access for an indefinite time. I told her that Kira could stay as long as needed, including overnight if they found themselves stranded.

Fortunately for our supper prospects, Andy was out on the porch, barbequeing in the snow. I helped set out condiments and veggies at one end of the crowded dining room table. Then the doorbell rang. Rhonda from next door had been stuck in the snow on her drive home. She and her boys, Bowen - 2 and Tristan - 4, had walked for about 1/2 hour in the snow, and left their house keys at the car. We found the copy of the key that they keep at our house and they went home.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang again. Rhonda's husband Chris was late arriving home because of the snow, and Rhonda had an appointment. We took the boys, along with their supper, and Rhonda left.

Time for supper. I heated up chicken, veggies and rice in the microwave for Tristan and Bowen, while everyone else served up chicken and beef burgers from Andy's barbeque. They were yummy. The boys enjoyed a bit of ketchup on the side, and Bowen showed us the sign language gesture for "more."

After supper, we watched a bit of "Big Comfy Counch," read some Dr. Seuss, played Hungry Hungry Hippo, and made a box fort. Fi and Kira helped entertain the boys in between finishing batches of cupcakes. Andy snugged on the couch with Bowen, who likes Andy a lot. Alex brought the cat downstairs to be petted, then retreated upstairs with the cat for some peace and quiet.

Chris arrived around 7:45. Kira's parents made it down the hill by about 8:45. All was quiet by 9. Fiona even cleaned up the wall-to-wall cupcake making and burned me a CD from iTunes while she was doing it.

I still have sewing left to do, but I wouldn't have traded this whacky, funny evening for the world. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

question: have you changed your plans recently? Did you enjoy the diversion?

mompoet - just going with it


Muhd Imran said...

Was quiet an evening for you and everybody else too with the snow and all.

Despite the inconvenience the snow brought with it, you had a great evening nonetheless. I wouldn't trade it for anything else too.

Funny you should ask. We changed our plan slightly too and it was a perfect day still.

Great that we enjoy and are blessed with wonderful family and good friends.

Have a great weekend now!

Lynn Valley Girl said...

sounds like a truly lovely evening. I enjoy how days end up like that sometimes! You're a good mom, neighbour and friend!!