Monday, February 18, 2008

random thoughts

  • I have never asked my husband to sleep on the couch. Not even once in almost 24 years of marriage, but when he has a bad cough he tiptoes downstairs to let me sleep. I hope that he feels better soon. I know that cough. It's the pits. He's the tops.
  • Driving in the car is one of the best ways to talk with a teenager. I almost missed my chance to make a mall-run with Fi on Sunday, but I was so glad I went. Driving to school once a week is good too. Nothing special or fancy, just a good chance to re-connect.
  • Filling out a college application online is light years away from the way I penned block caps into boxes and attached multiple copies of hard-got documents when I did it back when. Alex spent 30 minutes at the computer Sunday, and his application is in. Transcripts (almost) magically transport themselves from Ministry of Ed database to post-sec institution with his (electronic) approval.
  • Working together in groups is demanding and rewarding. I've logged dozens of meeting and phone hours in the past 2 weeks, at work and with my volunteer friends. We're getting lots done and strengthening bonds of trust and potential for future endeavours. Good stuff.
  • Cooking makes me feel good, no matter what.
  • I like taking the bus. It's cool to know the ride is there when I need it, and I don't have to haul a half ton of steel and rubber with me everywhere.
  • I am still spinning on a string, looking for how to reset routines and adapt skills at my new job, but I'm starting to recognize the landscape as I hurtle past it. I've got my eye on a landing spot. Coming down soon...
  • Nothing feels as good as knowing a friend is well, a family member is healing, people are blooming all around.
  • Life is delicious, even in speedy little bites.

question: what are your random thoughts today?

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Muhd Imran said...

I feel warm inside reading this post. It makes one happy when one is grateful, even for the simple things in life... bite sizes. Nice post.

My random thought today... Friday!