Saturday, February 23, 2008

silly lunch

Last November, Louise, Lorri and I were having lunch and laughing our heads off. We seem to do this whenever we get together. We talked about how nourishing it is to be with people who prompt you to be loose and silly and ridiculous. We decided to share this experience with some of our, er, susceptible friends.

On Thursday we had our SILLY LUNCH. Here are some pictures.

We began by assuming silly names. These were drawn from 2 official envelopes ("Door #1" and "Edward") and recorded on nametags so we would not forget who we were.

Gronk Honeytrumpet brought her friend, Chongo 9.12. Chongo 9.12 travels by balloon to Abbotsford everyday with her sisters, Chongo 9.1 and Chongo 9, to collect gas. The gas is stored in secret facilities around the lower mainland. (Remember my post last week about the emergency callout? Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Chongos may have played some part in the evacuation of 500 households last week in Burnaby. But mostly the Chongos are very careful with gas.)

Hermintrude Callawallawalla brought silly toys from the dollar store, including light-up handclappers for budget preparation, giggle bags and a whoopie cushion.

Dame Fishwiggle looked like a rock star. Pitty-potato Galumpy Handsworth took time off school to attend the lunch. Porcupina Bumphrey the 3rd brought a newsletter from a school that will not be named that told about donor plagues being placed in several library books. This was particularly piquant due to Porcupina's preoccupation with bacteria. Mr. Jangles St. Vinnywhistle vowed to drive back to the office in the car with her very strange eyewear. And me, Petunia Goosey-lips, merrily blurted everyone's secrets golly-plopwaggle all over the table.

All non-silly conversation was nipped in the bud. Everyone had to address their friends by their new silly names, but we did forget. The penalty for this was to stand up and clearly introduce all of the friends around the table by their silly names, and propose a toast. Then sit down on the whoopie cushion.

The other people at the restaurant must have wondered what we were. But we didn't care. We had fun being silly. We will do it again soon.

question: how silly are you?

mompoet - silly is good

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Muhd Imran said...

Very silly, to the point of embarrassment.

If I was there want to purposely forget the silly names and get my penalty to introduce and make a toast simply because I want to sit on a whoopie cushion... several times.