Wednesday, February 06, 2008

mailing my pajamas

I mailed my pajamas to Vancouver on Monday. Today or tomorrow, my friend Rhonda should receive them. I hope she wears them right away, or at least that same night.

It began about a week ago when Rhonda posted on her FaceBook status that she felt like wearing flannel, but did not own any. I posted on her wall that I would send her a pair of pajamas, and offered her the choice of red with snowmen or blue with penguins. It took a few messages back and forth to decide that we would really do this with real pajamas, and ended up with me mailing the pajamas. I have also started a mail my pajamas blog, and (I hope) a fun game of pajama travels.

I have asked Rhonda to enjoy the pajamas, and when she has finished with them to mail them to someone else. Along the way, I have requested emails and/or photos of the pajamas' progress, which I will post to the blog.

I miss the pajamas a little. They were among my favourites (I have many pajamas). It's exciting, however, to think about them being set free and having adventures, and making many different people comfy and cozy with their flannelness.

question: what's the most interesting thing that you ever sent in the mail?

mompoet - wearing the pink pajamas with kitty cats, with a brown sweater just now

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Lazy Daisy said...

Sounds like the book about the "traveling pants"....Nelson didn't sneak in the box did he?

Did you get a picture with you in them first?