Thursday, May 25, 2006

Trick Question Learner's Licence Driving Quiz

Alex and his 16 year old friends are speculating about the questions on the Learner's Licence Driver Quiz. They are positive that trick questions will be included. In their imaginations, it will look like this. Find out if you have what it takes to get your "L."
  1. What is never allowed when you are not turning off your hazard lights?

  2. parking beside a mailbox
    turning left from a one way street to an unmarked divided restricted lane
    eating fried chicken and applying mascara while singing "Row Row Row your Boat"

  3. Backing up without looking over your shoulder is never not prohibited when:

  4. you have a stiff neck
    you have not neglected to forget to collapse your umbrella
    your underwear is on backwards

  5. If you hear but don't see or see but don't hear the absence of an emergency vehicle you must:

  6. cease stopping and refrain from yielding until you see or hear something real
    pray but not out loud unless you have brushed your teeth recently
    call home on the cell phone and ask your mom if she hears or sees anything

  7. Which is the most worstly prohibited driving mistake?

  8. de-constigulating in a hubris zone
    artriculating in a non-artriculating interflange
    gorgloning at any time

  9. If you drive over a cat, what is your best next move?

  10. drive under a dog to make it even
    whatever you do, don't tell the cat
    apply for a class 4 licence so you can become a school bus driver when you graduate

Congratulations, you have survived the Learner's Licence Driving Quiz. Here's what your score means:
1-5 - You have neglected to fail at passing. Try again.
6-10 - Have you considered faresavers?
11-15 - Provisional "L" for bumper cars only.

And remember, everything I have told you is a lie.

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