Saturday, May 06, 2006

2 good shews

Van Slam Finals was wonderful wonderful wonderful last night. That was good show #1. The performances were all stellar with 8 great semi-finalists. Alas, only 4 can be chosen to form our Vancouver team, going to Nationals in August. The winners are Patrick Swan, Magpie Ulysses, RC Weslowski and Nora (not sure about Nora's last name but we'll all know it soon). Sonya Renee, the feature was awesome on stage and warm and gracious in person during the show. Graham's roast was so good I think we might have convinced him to stay. The volunteers were so good I pretty much could have left after the first half hour and things would have gone along just fine. I love volunteers.

Saturday afternoon my parents gave me their tickets to No Great Mischief because they have the flu, so I took Alex, who celebrates his 16th birthday today, to see the show. It was a beautiful production, rich in emotion, language like poetry, full of music, mystery, family lore and powerful drama and only 6 chairs for props/scenery. I roared with laughter and cried 3 or 4 times. Alex thinks it's fascinating when I cry. He stops watching the play and watches me. Oh well. He liked the show pretty much, then we came home and had a big supper, with his uncle and the grandma who isn't sick.

I am full up with words and sounds and images and thoughts (and birthday cake).

Happy happy days!

question: have you been up to any great mischief?

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