Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I didn't mention this before, but I broke my tooth on Mother's Day. I was eating porridge (recipe to follow) and suddenly something was dreadfully wrong. After that everything I ate got jammed into a new rabbit hole that had somehow appeared between my two molars farthest back on the bottom right. ouch.

Wonderful, wonderful Dr. Bruce got me in Tuesday morning at 7:30am. Even after staying up late at the Poetry Slam Monday night, I sprang out of bed, ready to see an end to the discomfort. Well, actually I had this weird hypnogogic experience between the alarm clock and the feet on the floor which involved "Waking Up" (as an embodied state of consciousness - I think she was wearing pajamas and blue slippers) walking up a flight of stairs and seeing a hand-drawn poster that said "NO WAY!" in purple sparkly bubble letters, but I dismissed it and woke.

Turns out, I had a fearsome ragged chunk of broken-off tooth jammed deep into my gum between the two teeth since Sunday morning. Dr. Bruce showed it to me because he knows I like stuff like that. cool. No wonder it hurt when I chewed. ew.

Now I have a new filling and a new appreciation for salad, which I really wanted to eat on Monday, but I settled for squishy pasta because it didn't hurt so much. Also an appreciation for my fully functioning face after walking around for three hours with blubber cheek and manitou tongue - blubba goo goo (drool).

I guess if something about me is going to disintegrate, it's okay that it's my teeth, in minor ways like this.

question: what would you most want to chew if you had to stop chewing for a bit?

mompoet - I have a lovely bunch of broccoli and some nice chicken


Carol said...

Ouch. I don't like going to the dentist but this does sound like he would've been a welcome person to see.

I would miss popcorn on Saturday movie nights.

mompoet said...

Yeah, kind of like Androcles and the Lion. I suppose if I am in an arena with Dr. Bruce at a future date, I will spare his life.

Yes about the popcorn! I would miss that too if I couldn't chew. Wouldn't chew?


Pearl said...

OOoh, that's gotta really hurt. Glad you could get a dentist appointment fast.

mompoet said...

Thanks Pearl. I guess dentists must have to save some time every day for "dental emergencies."