Tuesday, January 10, 2012

winter colds

Alex and Fi are both down with colds. Andy is back to work this week after a vacation interrupted by a few unexpected call-ins to cover for a co-worker. I am still home on vacation. I took Alex to the walk-in clinic last night when he spiked a fever after a week of up and down with coughing etc. Dr took a throat swab for culture but says it looks like just a nasty cold. I hope he feels better soon. I hope Fi feels better before she flies back to NJ on Sunday. In the meantime: books, magazines, ibuprofen, ColdFX, macaroni and cheese, hot apple juice with ginger and cinnamon. I can "mom" a cold, yes I can.

question: have you been a care-giver or care-needer recently?

mompoet - always both

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