Saturday, January 07, 2012

3 weeks rocks

It's Saturday afternoon. I'm lounging in my pajamas at the computer. Two of my three weeks of Winter vacation have passed. I timed it to be home until Fiona returns to university. It has been a lazy-ish, low-stress-ish vacation so far. Highlights:

  • Worked through the 23rd, did not stress about "getting ready for Christmas" but got decorations and tree up, a modest number of gifts bought, some cards out, what else is there?
  • Helped at the family Christmas Eve service at church. It was lovely as usual.
  • Celebrated the Eve after church with neighbours including grown up and almost grown up children. We stayed up way too late!
  • Celebrated Christmas day at Mom-in-law's then Mom and Dad's house. Nice, small, family time.
  • Saw a couple of movies - War Horse and Tintin. I want to see more movies before I go back to work!
  • Read a couple of novels. Fault Lines by Nancy Huston and Room by Emma Donoghue. I want to read more novels before I go back to work!
  • Lazed for one week then got back to workouts at the gym. I have time for spin classes when I'm on vacation. I love the intensity. I'm also visiting the weight room, so I don't miss my walks to and from the office too much.
  • Hung out with Andy, watched a few movies at home on DVD.
  • Hosted a mom and daughter footie pajama party and also a dress up New Year's Eve party.
  • Had my car stolen (still missing)
  • Saw The Sound of Music at Gateway Theatre in Richmond and Romeo and Juliet at the Tsawwassen Arts Centre. Learned how to spell Tsawwassen. Both were community theatre productions. Both were excellent.
  • Went to the Vancouver Poetry Slam, competed for the first time in over a year, came in third. YAY! I want to go to some more poetry slams and compete with some new poems.
  • Did not shop much, but bought an awesome stock pot less than half price after Christmas. Now I don't have to cook soup in a canning pot. Will cook more soup before I return to work.
  • Booked a trip to New York City with Andy and Alex in February. We'll see Fiona in a show at the university, and I'll introduce Alex and Andy to New York, and to our friends and family who live there.
  • Cooked and cooked and cooked. Yes, I love to cook!
  • Got new eyeglasses. I can see clearly now!
  • Went for lunch a few times. 
  • Revived acquaintance with my twitter account - mostly copied facebook statuses to twitter feed 
  • Celebrated our niece's 21st birthday. 
  • Slept in and stayed up late. Weird for me!
  • Didn't do much house-cleaning. GOOD!
On the agenda for week 3 of 3:
  • Belated birthday day of adventure (my birthday) with Fiona. Will include Kitsilano and Granville Island.
  • Friend Michele's birthday celebration
  • More spin classes. Possible purchase of cycling shoes
  • Writing poems
  • Cooking, but not cleaning (much)
  • Haircut? maybe.
question: what did you do as the days slowly began to lengthen and the nights to shorten?

mompoet - three weeks rocks

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