Friday, January 20, 2012


Ibuprofen - my friend in times of OUCH!

Massage - coincidentally had a massage at work appointment. Therapist worked on my low back, gluteal muscles and hip. Sounds like weak low back and inner thigh muscles may be park of the problem. Now it's my job to strengthen, stretch, assess how I stand and take the pressure off by being stronger, longer and better balanced. OK!

Not walking - I drove to work, then Alex took the car away for his evening shift at the theatre, then I took the bus home. Yay community shuttle! It felt weird. I kept looking out the window of the bus saying to myself, "I walk there. I walk there."

Icing and Heating - I have a frozen water bottle that I roll on the floor under my foot. It's dreadfully cold at first, then very nice. I also have a magic bag. I use it while I'm stretching my foot.

Visualisation - I have pictures in my mind of back muscles, bum muscles, leg muscles and the structures of the foot. I am picturing them all well and happy.

question: what do you do when you want to fix something that is inside you?

mompoet - healing my heel and soothing my hip


Anonymous said...

The very best stretch I found for this ... after trying many ... is to stand on a stair with only the front half of my foot on the stair and then slowly drop my weight so that my heals go below the stair and I'll hold it for at least 30 seconds. So good ... and even now if I feel even a twinge of heel pain I do this stretch. Infact, I quite often make it part of my post exercise stretches and on the way upstairs I'll use the stairs for the stretch! I hope things are healing Sue ... I found it to be a long procedure. Give me a call this weekend if you'd like the sock ... it is hard to get used to sleeping in it, but a great way to start is to put it on while sitting to watch a show on TV. The frozen bottles were a big help to me too. Take care, Cathy

mompoet said...

Thanks so much Cathy! I'm going to try the stretch now, and I'll be over to pick up the sock later today. I have heard that recovery is slow, and that makes me antsy because I like to do things NOW, but I know it will only get better if I take care of it.