Sunday, January 09, 2011

sour is my favourite

When Cathy asked me what kind of drink I would like at my birthday celebration, I did not hesitate before telling her I wanted it to be sour. I think I said "tangy," actually, and later she checked and clarified. Whatever I said, I know that sour is my favourite. The drink that she concocted was both tangy and sour - sour enough to please me and also be fine for those who are not as appreciative of the pucker as I am.

These potato chips fall into the same category. They have a mustardy edge that is balanced by a bit of sweetness. I love them just as much as I love salt and vinegar chips. They are kind of a more grown up version of that old favourite. I have to admit that while pregnant I was addicted to salt and vinegar chips. I ate lots of healthy foods too, but I simply could not get enough sour. I also ate tons of grapefruit.

I like acidy apples, puckery grapefruit, vinaigrette salad dressing, sour candies and lemon and lime juice for sauces and seasoning. I love hard apple cider with fresh lime wedges. When I pour an ice tea, I like to rub a lemon all around the rim of the glass for an extra little hit of sour with each sip.

question: do you like sweet? sour? salty? creamy? what's your favourite flavour element?

mompoet - pucker up baby!

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