Thursday, January 13, 2011

en route

We are on our way today, flying out of Seattle airport. This is the first time I have traveled with a portable computer, so instead of reading a book or magazine while we wait for our plane, I am reading email, checking facebook, and posting my blog.

We spent the night in an airport hotel after eating supper with my parents, who kindly drove us to Seattle for the start of this trip. We fly today to Detroit. The next 3 or 4 days will be the most challenging for me, because I'll be driving around in a rental car, finding places in cities I have never visited - or at least never visited as the responsible adult in charge of getting places. I brought the GPS with me, and I've mapquested our city-to-city trips. I'm sure we'll be okay, although we might take one or two of what Fiona has always called "Mommy's Scenic Route."

Please wish/visualise/say a prayer for our safe journey.

question: where have you traveled lately? did you do anything new? go anywhere strange?

mompoet - nervously optimistic

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eatburns said...

Hi Sue:
Meant to phone you and Fiona and wish her luck before you left but I'm not that organized.
Have fun in New York and enjoy your time together.