Sunday, January 09, 2011

my birthday party at Cathy's house

When Cathy moved with her family to Newport last year, she told us that she would celebrate each of our birthday's at her place, AND invent a signature cocktail for each of us. When my birthday rolled around in late November, everyone was busy with the Christmas rush, so we gladly postponed until after Christmas. On Friday, we gathered for my birthday.

What a fun evening! Cathy responded to my request for something "green and tangy" with a green apple sourpuss martini, garnished with a gummi worm. Everyone bought great yummy snacks, and Cathy baked a delicious Kentucky gingerbread cake, which she served with warm caramel sauce and ice cream. The Ladeez gave me great cards and sweet gifities, and we had a generally lovely evening. I introduced everyone to Cameron, my sock monkey, who was welcomed to our circle like an old friend.

I am blessed to have such wonderful women friends and such great times.

question: how long was your longest birthday?

mompoet - not sure if we're celebrating late for 49 or early for 50 (or both!)

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