Thursday, May 27, 2010

top ten reasons to go for a mammogram if you are a woman 45 years or older

If you are not a woman 45 years or older, but you know someone who is, then these reasons are important for you too...

10. You can call one number for all of BC to select the appointment that is most convenient for you. 1-800-663-9203 toll free outside of 604. 604-877-6187 where that area code works. It's open 8-5 Monday to Friday, 8-2 on Saturday. (If you live outside of BC, look up your local service online.)

9. It takes about 10 minutes, and once you arrive, you don't have to wait a long time for your appointment.

8. It's free.

7. You don't always remember to do your self-exam every month. The mammogram is hundreds of times more successful at detecting problems.

6. You can book time off work, and if you tell your boss it's a mammogram, there will be no argument, and probably no discussion if your boss is shy about stuff like this.

5. It sets a good example for your daughter.

4. It's uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as having breast cancer.

3. You have always liked pancakes, haven't you?

2. Having a mammogram pays respect to all of the women you know who have experienced breast cancer.

1. Lots of people want you to live and be healthy for a long time. Getting your screening mammogram is a gift to them too.

question: have you had your screening mammogram?

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Pearl said...

what about the 9/10 of false positives? and the staff who are overworked and under sensitive?