Saturday, May 22, 2010

mother's day treats

I have just enjoyed a couple of belated Mother's Day celebrations.

On Thursday evening, Alex treated me to a movie. We saw The Trotsky, which was a lot of fun. The movie is about a young man whose birth name is the same as Leon Trotsky, and who believes he is Trotsky re-incarnated. He organizes a hunger strike at his father's factory, then attempts a coup at his high school. It's set in present day Montreal and features a bunch of good Canadian actors. I love it because it is Canadian, and smart and funny and heartwarming. It probably won't be at the theatre for long, so go see it soon.

On Friday evening, Fiona and I went out to see Theatrix's production of Little Women. We ended up going by transit, which worked out perfectly. Did you ever have a day when every time you walked up to the bus stop, your bus arrived? It was like that for us. We also had some supper at Tsango Restaurant at Suter Brook - my first time there. It was yummy. The play was a sweet and scaled-down re-mount of a production presented by Theatrix a couple of years ago. It's basically a warmup for the Theatre BC Festival in which it's entered next week. We enjoyed some lovely singing and good ensemble work by a cast of talented performers, young and old.

I love that I can do these things with my kids, especially as they are growing up and making their own independent lives. We still laugh at the same jokes and appreciate the same beautiful things. It's just a gift to know that we all still feel it's a priority to spend time with each other. I am blessed.

question: what's your favourite recent family experience?

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

I am enjoying our young adult children. It's like going out with a really good friend.

Muhd Imran said...

It's always a wonderful feeling to be out with your family doing something together.

All the more when they are growing and wanting their own independence.

I am experiencing the toughness of having these family outings as often as I wish because Sonny has his own friends and other interests than mine and Wifey's.

It is good that your children believes family time is important.

Hope you continue to have more great outings!