Sunday, May 09, 2010

conversation in the car

We're at the gas station. Andy is putting gas in the car. I am waiting in the front seat. Fiona is waiting in the back. I remember something that I forgot to do at work, so I take out my cell phone and call myself, to leave a reminder for myself. I reach my office voicemail.

me: Hi Sue, this is Sue. Please remember to send an outlook appointment to the eco-sculpture committee with the date for the rescheduled meeting. Good-bye!

Fiona: Did you just say, "You rock?"

me: What?

Fiona: Did you just say, "You rock?" It sounds like you left yourself a message, then you said, "You rock."

me: Nope. I said, "Good-bye," but maybe it sounded like "You rock." Come to think of it, that's a really good idea. I phone myself to tell myself to remember things. I should phone myself and leave encouraging messages. It would make me feel good to get a message like that.

Fiona: okay Mom.

me: I rock.

question: do you rock?

mompoet - I bet you do

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