Saturday, January 23, 2010

just sweet little things

A few things have happened this week that have made me feel just a bit more connected with the universe and happy with my path. Here they are - all real, and all helping me feel glad to be alive.

  • I met up with a lady at work who I haven't seen at the rec centre in months. She came for bingo on Wednesday. Last time I saw her, she was going away in an ambulance. Last time I spoke with her was on the phone in the hospital in August. She collapsed at bingo one smoking hot day in July. She couldn't remember much about the day, or even remember me at first, but as we chatted, I filled her in on what I remembered, and she filled me in on what happened next. She was very sick that day. I followed her into the washroom, and caught her as she fell, then sat with her on the floor until help arrived. She went to the hospital and had 2 surgeries, and stayed in the hospital until September. Now she's "really healthy again" and back to bingo. I was so happy to see her.
  • Walking up the hill on Cambie Street, about 6 o'clock one evening this week, I came across a young woman hauling a cart, carrying 2 enormous floral arrangements. She was struggling as the wheels veered toward the curb and the arrangements teetered. I helped steady the big pots of flowers while she guided the cart up to the intersection, then I helped her get the cart over the uneven terrain of curb cuts and across to the other side. She headed off toward City Hall with a smile. I was smiling too.
  • At church last night we held a celebration party for volunteers who helped with the shelter. I organized it, partly to honour and treat the hard-working shelter volunteer coordinator - a young mom with 3 small children who worked like crazy to make the shelter run smoothly all November. Toward the end of the evening, I sat with her daughter (almost 4 years old) and chatted about Franklin and Dora on Treehouse TV. Then the little girl asked me if it would be okay if Molly wore pants. I thought that's what she said, but it turned out she was talking about "MOLLY! You know, with JESUS?" Oh - Mary. Yes! That's what she said, Molly. She was very concerned about whether Molly was allowed to wear pants. We talked about how it might be cold in the desert at night, and if Molly had a long way to walk, maybe she needed to wear pants, or maybe a long skirt that went all the way down to her feet. The she asked "What about Jesus?" We talked about how he could stay warm in the desert at night. Maybe Molly wrapped him up in a blanket then held him close to her tummy, then put her coat on over the blanket with the baby inside, all warm. That seemed to satisfy this little girl's anxious concern about Molly and pants. I felt nice and warm too.
Sometimes it's the little things that make me feel that in the middle of a crazy world, all is really well. People are good, and thoughtful and connecting in meaningful ways that are often precipitated in random, beautiful, wonder.

question: what has made you smile this week?

mompoet - blessed, yes.


Lynn Valley Girl said...

I love heartwarming stories like these. Working with the public, I have daily stories because I work with such wonderful customers right here in our city. You have a gift with people MP...I'm glad to see you're using your gift (one of many for you, actually).

Carol said...

That I am having a try at blogging again. It is tough getting the words out. Enjoyed my visit here and to see that you are still going strong. What a great voice you have!