Tuesday, January 12, 2010

why not laugh?

January is a tough time for lots of people. I have so many friends who are facing medical crises or have lost loved ones, it's shocking. I know it's a natural phenomenon at this dark time of year, that people break down, book out, go home, more so than any other time of year. Still, it's stunning to tally up all of the people who are living through the hardest days right now.

My first impulse is always to love, comfort, offer prayer, make casseroles. After that, I want to make you laugh. I know that laughter is the farthest thing from your heart and mind right now, but my forte is cheering, and laughter is a natural phenomenon for me, any time.

So, whether or sad, or happy, or just neutral, here is a riddle someone asked me yesterday:

Q: What is black and white and black and green and black and white and black?

A: Two penguins, fighting over a pickle.

And are some cakes to read.

I know that silliness does not counteract grief of fear or worry. Still, I will try the route of laughter ever time, just for a break.

question: what makes you cry? what makes you laugh?

mompoet - knowing there is room for both, all the time

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Pearl said...

yes, lucky that, because it is grief and absurd and funny and maddening and neutral all the time.

psst, love pickle jokes.