Thursday, January 28, 2010

the shirk

At the recreation centre where I work, supervisory staff members take turns being responsible for the building. The "Site Sup" is scheduled in half day shifts. While on duty, the site sup wears a 2-way radio to stay in touch with counter and janitorial staff. He or she responds to any emergencies, customer service issues, and anything else that needs doing.

Usually the site sup remembers to pick up the radio at the office at the assigned time. Sometimes he or she forgets. Then something happens and we hear the plaintive call, "Can I get a Site Sup?" with no answer.

Our trusty Rec Clerk, Rob, came up with a system recently to help us remember, and have fun when we do forget. Now, if you forget to pick up the radio for one whole hour, you get the Site Sup Shirk award. On Friday, I was the proud recipient. I just forgot that I was on in the morning, and went about my business. My co-worker Bruce popped his head into my office at about 10 past 10, and said, "Do you think someone might be shirking this morning?" My heart sank. I checked the schedule, turned pink, and went to the office to get the radio, and to Catherine's office to claim the Shirk award. You see, when you receive this award, you must display it in your office until it is awarded to the next shirker. You must also inscribe your reason/explanation/excuse on the award for posterity.

So here's my award, and my excuse. I am now famous, or infamous, depending on how you look at it.

question: do you shirk?

mompoet - Site Sup Shirker

ps Bruce says he is not gloating. It is after Christmas, and he is bloating.

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