Saturday, January 02, 2010


I must return to work on Tuesday, but for the next couple of days I'll be on a costume-sewing blitz. First I will sew a pencil skirt. Then I will sew a 1960s dress. Then 6 pink lady jackets (in pink of course). Later, I will sew a prom dress (for a play, not for a prom).

I don't expect to get to do all of these in the next 3 days, but I will get a start. I aim to have all of the jackets done by next Saturday, so there will be a few evenings of sewing after work this week.

The plays? Little Shop of Horrors in March. I'm sewing Audrey costumes. And Grease in May. I'm sewing for Marty and the Pink Ladies. I like costume sewing. I get to use patterns and fabrics I wouldn't use for real life garments. It's also fun to sew a bunch of things the same, like the pink lady jackets. It's fun to see them all on stage.

Sew, if you wonder why I'm home-baste this week, and not interfacing with the rest of the world. It's not that I have any particular bias. I'm just trying to selvage the rest of this weekend to make a fashion statement or two in the world of musical theatre.

question: do you sew? or if not, do you sing?

mompoet - definitely a better sewer than I am a singer (although I once had a singer sewing machine)

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