Wednesday, February 18, 2009

vote for Kristene and Fred to get the best job in the world

My friends Kristene and Fred are living in the Cook Islands right now, managing a small beach resort. They'll finish their job there later this year, and are hoping to get this dream assignment to live and work on Hamilton Island in Australia.

Please check out their contest entry website page and rate it by filling in the stars where it says "RATE ME" (hint - 5 is best). You can help them win this dream job by giving them stars.

Kristene is also a spectacular short fiction-writer. She's one of the long-distance members of Shoreline Writers Society, and a regular contributor to our chapbooks, even when she's living on the other side of the earth.

vote vote vote!

question: what would be the best job in the world for you?

mompoet - I meant to say that Kristene is a writer of short fiction (not a fiction writer who is short)

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Kristene said...

Thanks Mompoet!!!!

Yes, I am 5'7", not short. But a writer of shorts. Of sorts?

One more HUG!