Friday, February 13, 2009

the show

I have been talking to myself everywhere I go for 2 weeks, practising my poems and my story for the 30 minute feature set that I will perform at Thundering Word on the weekend. I have 7 poems (some short and some slam length) and a story getting ready to go. If I had to do it today, I'd be okay. By Sunday, I will be solid. I don't feel terribly nervous because I know, a lot of my friends will be there, and the venue and audience is generally warm, friendly and encouraging. Besides, I love being up on stage, and the luxury of not having to squish into a 3 minute time slot or have points deducted (poetry slam rules), is a real treat. I hope that my set will be a real treat for the audience, and I am looking forward to enjoying the open mic performers who will go up before and after I do.

I will try to get a few photos taken while I'm there, and I'll take some before and after, of the people I know who go there. I'm grateful to Bill and Wanda for inviting me. I'm confident now I can bring a good, entertaining performance to the Thundering Word stage on Sunday.

In case you have missed my emails and facebook messages:

Thundering Word
Sunday Feb 15 8pm (open mic signup at 7:30)
Cafe Montemartre on Main St. near 27th in Vancouver

question: have you ever memorized a poem for recitation?

mompoet - almost ready to go

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