Friday, February 27, 2009

beauty in the morning

It snowed overnight, and this is what it looked like at the bus stop Thursday morning.

It was cold and crisp all day long. There was just enough snow to look gorgeous, but not to slow up down or be hazardous (at least where we live - I hear it was awful out in the Fraser Valley).

I walked home from work at 4:30, and it was almost all gone, so I'm glad I got this photo in the morning.

question: did you get any snow?

mompoet - saying goodbye (I hope) to winter


Pearl said...

wow, that is *pretty*!

we had rain in the morning, +7
and now it's snowing and going to below -20.

crazy meteorological monkeys in the city basement. must cut off their banana wine supply.

Lynn Valley Girl said...

I have really come to enjoy long walks. You get to see so much more than when driving.
Lovely picture!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful Sue ... really beautiful.