Saturday, February 21, 2009


I came in to work late on Friday, after taking the dog to the vet. I work at a rec centre, in the area for people 55 years and over - formerly called "seniors" now called "people 55 and over." I love this work. It mostly involves facilitating able and active people as they work together to do community work and have fun together.

I walked into the lounge - a living room coffee bar area. I was greeted by T and R, the two hostesses who serve the coffee Friday mornings, and K, the Treasurer from the Board of Directors. K was finishing his weekly accounting tasks. T and K were chatting with the people in the lounge.

R: Hi Sue - Do you know how to spell "anonymous?"

MP: I think so - you mean the word "anonymous?"

R: No you ninny - the something else "anonymous." What do you think? of course the word!

MP: Sorry, I just thought you might be asking me a trick question.

R: No, I just want you to tell me how you think the word "anonymous" is spelled."

MP: a-n-o-n-y-m-o-u-s

R: Wrong!

K: Wrong!

T: We thought it was spelled that way, but K asked V. V is a very good speller and she said it has 2 "n"s.

MP: Of course it does, one before the o, and the other after.

T: No - two before the o, then another one after, so 3 ns really.

MP: That can't be. I'm a good speller and I'm sure...

At this point, everyone in the lounge starts chiming in about how to spell anonymous, their own spelling ability, good spellers they know, and why there is no dictionary on the bookshelf in the lounge. MP goes out to her office to look up the word on dictionary dot com.

a few minutes later

MP: Here we go: We had it right. V must have been mistaken (show the printed page from dictionary dot com to R, T and K).

T: I knew it.

R: I knew it.

K: Oh well. I just sealed up my letter, so "anonymous" is spelled wrong. That's okay.

MP: You just wrote an anonymous letter?

K: No, I wrote a letter to "Anonymous." Somebody wrote me an anonymous letter so I wrote a letter back and addressed it "Dear Anonymous."

MP: Who would write you an anonymous letter? That's awful! What was it? How do you know where to send the reply?

K: I got this letter about the money collected for the dance next week, asking me to leave some funds in the safe for buying refreshments, but it wasn't signed. So I'm leaving the money in the safe with a note: "Dear Anonymous, here is the money."

MP: Ooops...

K, T and R begin to laugh as MP's face turns red.

MP: I think I forgot to sign the note that I left for you - asking for money for refreshments for the dance.

K, T and R are now killing themselves laughing.

MP: Okay, you can call me "Anonymous" from now on.

question: did you ever send or receive an anonymous note?

mompoet - just did, will try not to in the future - at least I can spell anonymous

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Muhd Imran said...

No, I hope not, but this is a funny anonymous story though.