Monday, November 24, 2008

the stink - a very short play

Mumma enters through front door. Dad, Girl, Friend of Girl and YM are all around the house.

Mumma: What's that smell?

Girl: Cookies, and stew.

Mumma: plastic stew? it smells like melting plastic.

Dad: That's the deck. The guy came and put stuff on the deck today. It smells.

Mumma: It really smells! Do we still have a tarp? It's dark outside and I can't see.

Dad: Yup. We still have a tarp.

Mumma: drat

Girl: You can have any cookie you want - just not the people cookies. They are Friend and me.

YM: Can I have this chicken cookie?

Girl: It's a turkey. Friend made it.

Friend: You can eat it.

YM: Yum yum yum... (leaves room with cookie in his mouth)

Mumma: Who will drive to singing lessons?

Dad: I will drive. You can stay here and have some stew.

Girl goes up to bedroom to change for singing lesson. Closes bedroom door.

Mumma stirs stew.

Mumma: hmmmm

Mumma unloads dishwasher and puts clean dishes away, puts groceries in fridge, pets dog, feeds dog, loads cookie-making and stew-making dishes and utensils into dishwasher, stirs stew again.

Dad: (calls up the stairs) Are you ready?

Girl: (opens bedroom door) I'm ready - HEY! what's that smell?

Mumma: stew, and cookies.


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