Monday, November 03, 2008

point of view

God's name, spelled out in chocolate chips on a table by the window
the shriek of an excited child
a collie's warm pant-pant and urgent throat-crunkle
outside, the great sounds of air and earth and motors are dim
as old photographs
these things
close to my heart
are sweeter and more pure than the note from a tuning fork
more concentrated than 80 percent dark cocoa
all the push and pull of forces
bigger than me
bigger than the dog and the child
are insignificant - we count chips
divide in child-rule
one for you and two for me - none for the collie (chocolate's not good for dogs, you know)
sticky kisses and giggles more delicious than heaven
the thump-scramble-thump of impatient paws
filling ourselves with God in this moment
celebrating a song of togetherness

question - close or far today?

mompoet - up close for sure

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