Tuesday, November 18, 2008

dreambit - another one about a house

Last night, I dreamed that I was in Anne Frank's attic. I went to the apartment where the Franks' friend Miep Gies let me up into the attic by a ladder that slid down from a hatch in the ceiling. I stood on the ladder and Mr. Frank raised it up, up into the attic by a hand crank. Inside, the attic hiding place was cramped, and the family was friendly and welcoming, but cautiously quiet. I was conscious of not making a sound. I felt honoured to be visiting, but afraid that I might draw attention to the hiding place.

Next thing I noticed, other neighbours from my street in Port Moody were in the attic. My next door neighbour Wendy was there with her 4 year old, Tina, who was chattering away. Mrs. Frank was serving lunch to the guests. Someone's dog was in the attic with us, wandering around and looking for snacks. I felt worried that the conversation of the guests would be heard below or out on the street, and what about the smell of lunch cooking? and the sound of the dog's claws on the floor. Outside, I noticed some of the neighbourhood kids (from our neighbourhood, now) playing on the lawn.

I raced out of the attic and downstairs and stood on the street looking up. No sign of activity from outside the house. I tried to re-enter the attic to tell the Frank family that they were safe, but the attic hatch was closed. Miep said not to worry, I could take the back staircase up, and ring the bell at the top. Mrs. Frank let me in and continued to serve lunch to the growing party in the attic.

question: what does it mean?

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Muhd Imran said...

Wow! Anne Frank's?!

Not me to interpret dreams, but your sense of caring and concern are there for people beyond those that you love.

Being stuck inside the house with cold weather outside kind of reminds you of her plight.

Your dream is quite systematic, unlike mine that is normally be jumbled up with so many strange scenes and thus becomes nonsensical, let alone be interpreted.

Have a good week anyway.