Sunday, March 11, 2012

fiona is home

It's Spring Break at Fiona's university. She's home for a week. What she wants to do most is cook. I can relate. Being away from home for one week on our New York trip, I went through severe cooking withdrawal, especially staying in a neighbourhood full of truly spectacular food stores. Fiona woke up before us and baked blueberry muffins for breakfast this morning. She has invited her grandparents and cousin over for lettuce wraps tonight. I think this week is going to be delicious!

I'll be at work this week, but I've booked Wednesday off. We'll take the ferry over to Vancouver Island for the day, and go see Fiona's voice teacher Cheryl in a production of All Shook Up at the Chemainus Playhouse. That will be a treat!

We are all glad to have Fiona with us before she returns to New Jersey for the final push of her first year at university. We are glad she loves it there so much. We are very glad that she still likes to come home and hang out with us. We'll let her cook whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

question: who cooks? who cooks for you?

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