Tuesday, July 26, 2011

fiona's birthday kayak

Fiona and I went out for a couple of hours on Monday, kayaking from Rocky Point. It was a great way to celebrate her 18th birthday. Fiona has canoed in the inlet with school, and we've both been out on boats for Golden Spike Days tours to Pacific Coast Terminals, but this was our first time on kayaks. I think a kayak has to be a near perfect way to explore a marine environment. It's quiet, swift, agile and low to the water. You feel like you blend in. We saw mom and baby harbour seals and an eagle perched on a log boom. The inlet seems much larger when you are drifting out in the open. The shoreline is totally different from the water, too, especially up close.

Rocky Point Kayaks did a great job of outfitting us and providing the brief instructions we needed. The pictures tell the rest of the story.

question: do you like to go out on the water?

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