Tuesday, March 15, 2011

towel art

I promise I'll tell you more about the big old cruise and Miami Beach vacation. For tonight I want to show you towel art. At the resort in Mexico a couple of years ago, we got towel art one night out of 7, on our wedding anniversary. On the cruise, we had a different towel creation (plus chocolates and turned-down blankets) every night. This is surely because of our wonderful cabin steward Rodney, who fixed up our room every time we stepped out even for a few minutes. I found out that there was one worker for every 2 guests on the cruise ship. We were grateful for Rodney's attentive care, although I must admit I left the cruise with mixed feelings about towel animals.

Towel animals are an important feature of the cruise ship experience. You can watch a channel on your cabin TV, totally devoted to ice sculpture and towel animal-making. I wonder if anyone goes home determined to make an ice sculpture every Saturday, and take turns with the hubby/wifey to make each other towel animals for bedtime every night? I am both amused and repulsed by the towel animal aesthetic. I'm not sure how to put it delicately, and perhaps you'll draw the same conclusion from the photos alone, but here it is: I think towel animals look something like croissants, and something like male genitals.

Needless to say, I did not buy the towel animal DVD or booklet. I'll leave the memories of the towel animals on the boat and accept them as a sign of Rodney the cabin steward's kindness and attention to detail. I hope that I will not encounter too many of these towel animals in my lifetime because I also think I am a little bit afraid of them.

question: do you like towel animals?
mompoet - I like towels that are flat, or occasionally folded into fans - no definitely flat!

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

When we went to Mexico in 2004, we stayed at a hotel where we had a different daily animal. On Valentine's Day, the towels were two swans together in the shape of a heart. After a day on the beach, we looked forward to seeing what creation was made from towels while we were out.