Sunday, March 20, 2011


Thursday night I dreamed that I stepped on a rotten banana while wearing my good old Fry Boots. I bought these boots when I was 15 years old and I still have them. I haven't worn them in years, but I love that they are mine. In the dream, instead of cleaning the squished banana off my boots, I threw them away. I was conscious of this being a wasteful decision, but somehow thought it was my only option.

Friday night I dreamed that we were on vacation again and I did not know how we planned to get home. I had my vacation binder with all of our flight and hotel confirmations and my typed out itinerary chart, but there was nothing past our last day - no flight info. I was certain I had booked a return flight but had no evidence. I discussed with my husband the idea of just going to the airport in the morning and asking at every airline desk if they had a reservation for us that day.

Last night I dreamed that I slept in on a workday and woke with just minutes to get ready before I had to walk to work. I knew that I had ample time to get ready then drive my car to work, but I really wanted to walk to work, and the walk is one hour.

These dreams have similarities of anxiety, loss of judgment and control and wanting or knowing one thing is right, but doing another. I'm not sure how they connect with my waking life. I'll wait and see.

question: have you slept well and dreamed beautifully these past few nights?

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