Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SHARE Food Bank - putting the Christmas season in perspective

I'm at home this morning, preparing to work an afternoon shift at the rec centre. I got up early anyway and made breakfast for Alex, who was heading out to the university to meet up about a documentary project on which he will be volunteering.

We were looking at the morning news, and saw a story about the Tri-Cities SHARE Food Bank being in desperate need of food and cash donations for the Christmas season. Alex agreed to pitch in some cash, and so did Fiona, so our family could make a donation today.

I drove Fiona up to school. On the way home, I stopped by the Food Bank main office on Spring Street in Port Moody. Wednesday is food bank day, so the place was buzzing with volunteers, delivery trucks and clients beginning to line up outside. It took about 5 minutes to make a donation, and I got to chat with my neighbour Barb, who volunteers there.

Here's a story in the Vancouver Sun about the SHARE Food Bank. Please consider giving them some food or money. There's a drop-off at Coquitlam Save On Foods tonight (Wednesday, December 15 4-7pm) or you can call in a credit card donation or visit the Food Bank office. Cash donations go a long way, providing approximately triple the value of what we could purchase at the grocery store.

It feels good to know there's still something we can do to help this close to Christmas. It's hard to imagine what it would be like to not be sure about having enough food for the family for the next week, or the one after.

I drove home and visited my secret chocolate stash. I ate 4 coconut M&Ms from a package that my friend Helen brought back to me from her trip to Hawaii. I though about how lucky I am that my biggest nutritional concern this time of year is NOT eating too much food. I thought about how good it is for a family to collaborate on giving, how it can allow all of us to share the good things that are abundant in our lives. I thought, "I'll tell my friends about this."

question: what's for supper at your house today?

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